Monday, 9 July 2018

Hottest Seoul Summer Trip Part 2

Day 2.
I actually noticed one of dorm-mate entering the room around 5am but it got me thinking 'oh great I missed Sahoor' but I really have no energy to get up at that time.

The next I woke up, I felt my face was so hot, because of fever. I only crawl to end of bed to charge my devices since I accidentally fall asleep without charging last night (bad bad consequences).

I realised I can't stay in bed, so I finally get up and decided to not fasting because I need to take medicine or it'll get worse since I need to walk around in hot weather too. I fill my stomach with bread and took my medication, shower, prayer and get ready to go out, it's around 10am when I realized.

I'm already familiar with the road to subway station, decided to just straight go to Gapyeong since it would take quite long time. I regret not going out earlier since 10am, there are already many people using train. Inside, I tried to go online BUT turned out the pocket WiFi didn't charged well (yes my fault, I should charge before sleep) and I can't connect to Internet for the whole day. I think my journey in train was only filled with me denying that Internet didn't worked and still trying to connect.

After I accepted the reality, I already waiting for Gapyeong train at Sangbong station. If you've been to Nami Island by train from Seoul, you'll probably know the train is not as frequent since it already heading to Chuncheon which is outside Seoul, unless you take ITX train which is faster. And I have to bear the waiting time without WiFi. Alone. ํ—.

It's actually good to miss the train before, so I'm in front line for next train. I end up only listening to music to kill my time. The thing that irritated me is that there's one ahjussi suddenly stand in front of me to cut the queue. Excuse me, I leave the space because I want to let people pass through! Insensible ahjussi. Even discrimination. His face like he did nothing wrong is what irritates me, I'm usually fine with older people cutting line.

An ahjumma sitting down on metal bar looked like she wants to start conversation with me, but I didn't want to start talking 1st. Because I know if I do (usually in korean),the ahjumma will not stop talking (talking from experience). I'm bored but I'm not really in mood of translating in my head. Maybe because I'm still feeling sick at that time.

When the train come, oh wow, I did forget how the ahjumma and ahjussi get competitive immediately after boarding the train, fighting for seats. One ahjumma even said 'oh I can't live (survive) anymore', her destination must be far.

It took almost an hour of train ride. I decided to just stay at the door and looked out of window, enjoying the scenery. Yellow flowers and green trees are visible because it's summer. One thing caught my sight was a group of people searching for something in the middle of river. It looks so fun and refreshing.

When I reached Gapyeong, it was so hot! The unprepared me again, having hard time to decide which side to wait for the bus (actually I opt for taxi but I'm confused at that time. Too hot to think). I saw a tour bus, thought I could hop in, but in front of me full of China tourists (since they didn't understand what ahjumma was asking). I heard a Korean woman in front asking to the driver about the destination and driver said to take regular bus if only going to Nami Island or 1 place.

So I queue on taxi line (again, actually. I was very confused). In front of me are two Korean girls seems not sure if they're in right line too (more in front are larger group of Koreans). I just listen to what they're saying (80% understanding it) and forming of how to start to talk to them in my head. It's because I figured out they are heading to Jaraseom too, place where the Rainbow Music Festival being held.

After about 10minutes or so, I gather my courage (mostly my confidence in speaking Korean. I'm not that afraid to talk to strangers). I started with ์ €๊ธฐ์š”~and the girl in front of me seems lost of where that sound came from lol. I asked where they are going (I think so) and if they're going to Jaraseom (I honestly messed up my hangukmal. Too nervous). Turn out the girl in front of me speaks fluent English. The friend not so much but I think she can catch up our conversation.

The girl asked me if I'm going to Jaraseom too, I said yes. She offered me to join them in taxi (thank Allah๐Ÿ™) because I really can't make up my sentences to ask them if I can join. So I just replied 'can I..?' she said 'yeah sure'. So we 3 get in the taxi heading to Jaraseom or Jara Island.

Inside taxi there's short conversation among us,in English and in korean because the girl besides me is curious, the one fluent in English sat in front. Said that I'm from Malaysia, how the weather so hot etc. It's actually around 4km only from Jaraseom (possible to walk but who want to in that scorching hot sunny 1 pm timing). We even visibly breath relief of the aircond from taxi.

We're not sure of where we should drop off so ahjussi said don't worry he'll send us in front. He explained a bit when we actually entered Jaraseom. We thanked him and got out from taxi. I still can remember the hotness ๐Ÿ˜ต. 

The taxis fare is only 3000won, so I dig up my bag for money. The girls noticed and said I didn't have to pay. Thank you girls I'm touched. We are chatting more while walking to ticket booth. Asked of whom I want to watch the performance. I said Martin Smith but they seems to have no idea, so I add Melomance (of course they know who Melomance is). Also said I only stay in Korea for 3 days and they're amused.

When we reach ticket booths, they girls bid goodbye to me and tell me to enjoy the festival. I thank them again and walked to my supposed ticket booth (wrong queue at beginning because I confused with night concert ticket). I made another big (even dangerous) mistake because I didn't bring my passport. Not that I forgot, I just didn't think it through. I forgot passport is most important overseas. It become problem because apparently Interpark ticketing need my ID at that time (importantly my face) to varify my ticket.

I had my IC in my old phone but not this one. So I had to dig up my email to look for my photo. One of the staff kinda hesitate to let me pass (I use the TOPIK application email, yes, not convincing enough for me too) but the other staff just nodded and wear the wristband on me. Alhamdulillah for another obstacles passed. 

Then I walked to the island while savoring the beauty that catches my eyes (poetik pulak). Then I have to passed through a tent of inspecting bags. I thought they gonna check my bag, but the woman just check my camera bag which contains.. camera.

But I figured out they didn't allow canned drinks. Not sure why. It's a camping and music festival so I thought it would be odd to not bring any food or drinks, but yeah, not canned drinks. I walked towards island and as soon as I passed ads tent, I heard Mamamoo's song -fangirl moment-. I wanted to take picture at the nice settings but dropping the idea because my monopod is too short to make it all into frame and I'm shy to ask other people to take photo for me.

So I head towards the stage area. There are 2 stages, one is Rainbow Island and another is Blue Island. I'll only go for Rainbow Island, so I scanned the place, mentally calculating the route to go out since I'll be rushing for another concert later that night. I saw food trucks and also the backstage tents for the artists (no artists yet since the show only started at 1.20pm and Martin Smith only will sing at 2.40pm. Plenty of time left.

So I head to the food truck line to buy juice since I feel so dehydrated (I still feel guilty to eat because it's Ramadan, plus lazy to think about halal) I ordered mango juice and the girl helped me buy using her code. Actually it's more like coupon (macam kita makan kat food court atau Hari Kantin Sekolah)

The girl saw me alone, unlike a pair who the partner is a foreigner but the other is Korean so they have to do the sign up and scanned bar code etc. Another ease granted for me Alhamdulillah. After getting my drink, I walked passed people who are on foam seat enjoying relaxing time, Blue Island area, and heads towards Rainbow Island.

So delicious and fresh

I asked the staffs if I can go inside already and they said yes of course. After that I was stuck of which side to go. Left is better but the front and 2nd line were already full with people, right side have overhead camera so the area is smaller. I decided for right side since it's still have spaces. (continue part 3)

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Hottest Seoul Summer trip Part 1

Another short trip to Seoul. I actually regret this trip a bit, because my aim is to listen to Honey G live singing, but apparently they do that only a week after I came. But anyway, lots of good things happened in this trip.

Bought tickets just 2 weeks before flying. AA was having promo, I got it for around Rm700, where the price I checked 2 weeks before was only rm656 returned. I was in dilemma of whether I should really go for the date or not, I even asked HoneyG if their new song will come out before June. (it did, but I didn't get to listen to it live).

As usual, I will struggle a lot a week before flying, this time the same. I really got so much headache and brain hard to function and many things going around, my best friend even has to check on me, reminds me of things, if I can handle it all. I had the 'cold-virus' as my doctor told me, with the ever changing weather. Thursday night I hardly drove my-sick-self to Putrajaya (getting lost for 1st time, since I always go to Putrajaya Sentral, 1st time missing the exit).

I took my pocket WiFi (Roaming Man this time) and go to upstairs to eat my early sahur and take my medication. After that I go to international gate and the immigration went smoothly (no people at all at 12am). Walked to the boarding gate, and flight got quite delay I think. Use the time to read Quran since I have to reminds myself it's still Ramadan, gotta grab all the pahala while I can.

1am we still queuing to go inside the plane, plane full of Koreans, I get the middle sit, next to an aunty. Not easy to sleep since I'm cautious about the timing, at 3am,i ate kurma and drink water as my sahur, around 4am then I perform prayer, after that only I could sleep. Woke up again around 6am and it's already bright. I saw the aunty next to me trying to fill up the entry form, I began talking to her of what she should write (being to Korea so many times alone, I always prepared for this, people always borrow my pen haha!).

We began to talk with each other. Found out she's a Sarawakian Chinese and that's her 1st trip to Korea. I believe she had been to Japan and China before. She asked me alot of things and answered enthusiastically since I did travel to Seoul few times. Fashion, food, places to travel, prices. It's a good filler since i can't really sleep after the sunrise (nope, I slept 1/2hour before landing lol).

So it's summer, the temperature that morning was 20? 22? I still wear my baju kurung and feeling comfortable, until I was out of gate and started sweating. Indeed summer. I walked fast, top up my tmoney fast, and took subway train fast, heading to Apgujeong where my guesthouse is. Didn't on my WiFi yet since I want to enjoy the view (or I was just simply sleepy).

Flight was late, so my journey also got dragged. Cancelled the 1st list-to-do. When I reach Apgujeong station (good since got lift), I tried so hard to find the guesthouse. Really not easy I think I crossed the same street twice after circling around. Took almost 1/2 hour, to see I'm on right road, under the 12pm sun. Really, really hot, and I was fasting. No kidding, I almost accidentally drink the water from bottle I had in my hand.

When I finally found the guesthouse across the street from subway station, I stepped in and welcomed by the owner (or owner's daughter), speaking Malay with me. Not so Seoul feel haha sebab masing-masing guna bahasa Melayu. 

FN House was my guesthouse this time. Paid for the room, she showed me the toilet and my room. At that time there's 1 person inside my room/dorm and we greeted each other. She's doing makeup and ready to go out I think. We didn't talk, I just lay down on the bed since it looks so comfortable, few minutes after that I decided to take cold shower(Ya Allah tak penah rasa bersyukur mandi air sejuk macam tu sekali), ready to head out again, after praying at the prayer room inside the guesthouse. Really convenient.

Around 1pm I head out again. Panasnya MasyaAllah. Luckily I figured out the right, easy road quickly and head for subway station, but that's not my destination. I went to Hyundai Department Store 1st to see if I can find album there. It's just across the road from subway station, or even on Apgujeong Station but another exit. While I wait to cross the street, I open my ig to take short video, didn't finish when the light turn green. So when I crossed the road..

I saw Cha Taehyun O. M. Allah. Cha Taehyun holding hand with his daughter, probably Taeun. I was wearing cap because of heat, so I didn't realised him earlier. I took glance few times to make sure, but I was too starstruck to call him out ใ… ใ… . I almost run back to follow him but I decided not to, since he's not on artist mode, no makeup, probably just pick up Taeun from her school.

Off I enter the Hyundai Department Store. Suddenly feel so out of place, definitely a chaebol vibe all around. High-class place. I go down 1 level and wow, food section. Puasa weiii. But I still took few pictures haha! After I concluded that there won't be album there (stay just because of aircond), I head out to subway station again, and go straight to Arirang Tower.

I get down at Nambu Terminal Station and boy.. It was scorching hot. The map look easy but the actual distance, because of the temperature, feels like a forever walk.
Reached Arirang Tower around 2.15pm and I know I'm early, since email said 5pm. I tried to get inside to the cafe, and it was hotter? so I head out again, send email that I already arrived, and just read Quran. 

Around 3pm though, while my head was down looking at my phone, heard Indonesian language. Immediately looking for source and I shouted Sisca! It's my friend from sns and Super Kpop family. She was with Rusi, both are Indonesian.

So I joined them going inside, before I stopped them since the counter called for us to check our identity, and head to lift again. Sisca and Rusi seems to know Arirang Tower very well (my 4th times but still awkward for me). We bump into writer-nim, she said she thought we would come at 5pm, but we were there even before 4pm. So they decided we could come in and watch the show. We waved Sam and he saw us. We immediately settled and start writing on message board. Sam read Sisca's and my message (glad to be back in SKP, also lost my way)

Sisca showed her burning bandage, got it in the morning because of ironing, and also, Tascha(from Spain) arrived with her kids after that. Sam got outside to greet us for a moment and said we'll talk more later.

Giyong and Taehyun arrived shortly after that. I think my face was so bright to see them again. Jaehyun no where to be seen (I showed Rusi of Jaehyun's ig and the reason he probably will arrived late. We just giggled). The 2 guys sit at the other side because the studio was so occupied with Tascha, Sisca, Rusi and me, plus 2 of Tascha's boys.

At 5pm we moved to the bigger set for HoneyG, and I was so eager since the punishment for this week is for Giyong and Jaehyun to dance to Kara's Mister. Jaehyun sing song for Sisca (we can't stopped laughing) and dance so funnily I had to resist LOL because I was recording and do ig live at the same time.

Better Than Honey G corner was funny as usual. It's actually an advantage when I could understand most of their conversations before Sam translating. And my ig live is faster than Internet broadcast, said Zana and Syera who were watching my live. Leon won again this time. Really our quiz king.

After the show ended, the studio is crowded again,this time plus HoneyG. I don't remember who I greet 1st. I talked to Giyong and he updated me about current HoneyG, their future plans etc. Played with selca a bit with him. We took group picture 1st, before me continuing to Jaehyun. I sat besides him on chair and asked him ์ž˜์ง€๋ƒˆ์–ด์š”? He was shocked and asked why my Korean is good. I gave him a judging look right in the eyes, because Jaehyun, this is not the 1st time we met and talked.. You know my Korean is not that good.When I passed Jaehyun my phone, he was surprised to see the filter lol, I said 'apps', since last time we took video, he asked if there's no apps. Lol now you have it. 

Took selca with Jaehyun, after that approaching Taehyun to give my small plastic bag of and candy. Took selca with him, he said my gift is cute, told Jaehyun and Giyong that even the plastic bag is cute, making me embarrassed. Also asked HoneyG for group photo, Giyong failed after few attempts and Jaehyun can't stand it, he took over the phone hahaha. End up the filter didn't come out on Giyong ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹. I called for Taehyun because Rusi wanted him to sign her book, 1st I called ํƒœํ˜„์”จ few times but he didn't respond, I called ๊ถŒํƒœํ˜„์”จ~~ with bit of aegyo at the end, then he replied ๋„ค~. Do I really have to? 

I passed my gift to Sam, tea bags since he likes tea, and recorded a short video for Syera. I went back to Jaehyun and Taehyun and asked where they are heading to. Jaehyun said to his studio which I asked where and is it far from Arirang? Jaehyun told me the area and only 1/2 hour from there. Giyong joined us and he said they are going to record something and said to me to keep in touch, and to enjoy Jungjae's concert (I'm touched he remembered). Honey G went outside 1st.

I asked Rusi where they are going after that, and they said to Samsung Coex (which actually where I would meet Grace but she can't make it because too busy) . I said I'm going for dinner because of break-fasting, so they said I can join them. So we went outside to take the bus, Rusi and Sisca asked how did Leon know they met another arirang DJ. I said probably from my livestream, and suddenly I thought I left my another phone in studio.

We ran back inside, and the phone was actually in my bag. I apologise to them ใ… ใ…  we head out again and took bus to Nambu Terminal station. I sit in front of Rusi, told her how amazing Tascha is to take care of the 2 hyper boys alone, one 7 years old and another 5 years old, also how single-minded I am to get lost in Seoul even though I've been there few times. We took the subway train, and Tascha told about how her kids are so hyper, how her kids are mixed of many, and I can't stop getting amazed. (Sam said the kids look liked him when he was young. I bet. Hahahaha)

(after debating about the station "was it Samseong or Samsung" hahahaha) we arrived at the station and met ex-writer of arirang radio. Korean but speaks fluent English. She introduced us to the place and showed us the big lcd screen. Me to Sisca:the screen is larger than my house. We got inside and get the tour in Coex Mall.

Told them I didn't eat meat (Sisca :vegetarian? Me:well you could say that. But I'm fine with others eating it), so writernim (sorry I forgot her name) take us to the food court. She suggest bibimbap but taking out the meat, but I think bibimbap is too much of quantity for me, so I order the ala-carte spicy squid rice, hoping that it's not that spicy. I order the strawberry-peach ice blended too, which was delicious. The squid-rice was too dry for me, even Sisca said I should eat porridge for breaking fast (I'm the only Muslim but of course most Indonesian understand). Tasha's kids are so cute though, can't forget that 'where did you get that (drink)? Mummy, she bought it there' so cute. 

After that, SMTown which almost closed,but fun nonetheless. Boys got so excited with space to run, and I love the ice cream cafe the most. The interior is so nice I told Sisca I want it at my office hahaha. We went outside after being told the place about to closed. We wow-ed at the screen again and started to head off to the train again, bid goodbye to writernim, and the boys hug me before we went separate ways. Really grateful for the time spent with Sisca, Rusi, Tascha and the boys.

I reached guesthouse and when I open the door, 2 persons greet me with 'oh hi, we were waiting for you. We're about to watch ___(I couldn't hear well). Wanna join?'. I could only managed a head shake since I was so tired. I go took shower, pray maghrib+isya plus short terawih, and when I got back into room, shortly after, the 2 girls are back. I don't know how the conversation started, but we suddenly talked and laughed a lot. One is from Canada but having Chinese blood (so she looks Asian, from Harbin too. Mind me, she even said I looked so shocked when I heard she's from Harbin. I never thought I would personally meet someone from Harbin, - 40 in winter man), one is from Thailand. 

These two are funny, and maybe the fact that they're there for kpop events make them clicked well? So I was there listening more, about Wanna one, and BTS and knowing a bit about the concert culture which I never experienced, since I only go to non-kpop artists' concert. Wannable girl is so cute about her camera wrapping, her experience with fraud ahjussi, etc. 

Me to Nisarat(Thai girl): do you come alone?
Me:wow that's amazing. 
Nisarat:Are you not alone? 
Me:Well, yeah. 
Nisarat:We are same! 
Mary(the Canadian):you're cute. (I think she refers to me but I didn't respond) 
Nisarat: me? Thank you. 

Hahahaha we are all cute. Mary was there for weekend, she teaches in Inju and come to Seoul because she was bored. I was too tired and didn't charge my devices and next thing I realized it's morning (continue part 2)

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Yana Ke Yeosu?

Another crazy trip plan began, when i saw Giyong (of HoneyG) posted about an event in Yeosu. I study the date first, seems risky to me. I started to search for where is exactly Yeosu is, and wow..very north of South Korea. I begin calculating if it's possible for a short trip down south and concluded it VERY risky (time-wise). 

After few days of thinking (and some encouragement? from few people), i decided i should go for it. Hmm 3 weeks before the event i think (Giyong posted about it on 18th Jan). So i booked flight tickets (dilemma for this on date and place. I want to consider Busan since it's 2 hours away from Yeosu), finally decided at Seoul (or Incheon) as destination. 

Starting at that point, whenever i sit around doing nothing, i sketch my trip, study about Yeosu, examine the maps etc. 3 weeks isn't that long when i was so busy with work. The week before i go, i had the toughest week in 3 years, i even had to take sick leave on Friday. My actual trip period? 9Feb(evening)-11Feb(evening). That's right, 3 days only. If you take out my time in flight, 2 days 2 nights only. My SHORTEST trip ever, traveling to farthest part of South Korea ever. 

But i've been calm about the trip. I convert my money early, i prepare my stuffs early (and because of sick leave i was a bit relax at morning). On Friday, i went to Putrajaya Sentral, eat Nasi Ayam quickly at one of the restaurant and walk fast to catch the train to KLIA2. 5 minutes and i already boarded the train to KLIA2. actually, thanks to my friend Zana who told me to do vlog that i actually took video more for this trip compare to before, but i don't even know if i will compile and edit all those videos haha! 

Reached KLIA2, took pocket wifi and immediately go inside for immigration. I stayed near boarding gate, wait for zohor prayer, and after zohor&asar prayer i boarded the flight. My bag wasn't heavy (5.6kg only) but my sling bag was 2.5kg! (Those powerbank and cameras). 

I sat at isles at the middle row, so no window view *cry*. Not long after that, a korean guy sit at the middle, next to me. Things i noted in that flight: so many koreans, i suddenly get nasi ayam for this flight (i wrongly exchanged it during booking, supposed to be the meal is for flight back), the guy besides me only either listen to music, read the flight magazine or sleep. I had hard time sleeping in the flight because turbulence occurred almost the whole flight. 

The captain loved to explain the technical details about the flight, such as how long will be flying, how high, the coordination of the plane etc. Funny way of the pilot speaking is how he told about the weather "the weather is 5˚C at Incheon International Airport, the weather is fine, thank you.", like he's thanking  "i'm fine, thank you" tone. The landing was surprisingly smooth despite all the turbulence we experienced. 

As i arrived, it was around 10.30pm, the line for immigration is not long (since my flight full of koreans, foreigners had our line for immigration short). It's almost 11pm when i went out, so i quickly topup my t-money and ran a bit to subway station since i don't want to missed last train. 

I updated my ig story to tell Junee & Tinting i'm in Korea since they're also there but didn't know i'm coming. Took train, change to line 9 at Gimpo Airport station and head to Express Bus Station. When i reached there, it was different from what i imagine from my route-study of the Express Bus station, maybe because it's late at night. 

So i walked through rows of closed shops and even Shinsage Department Store. Must say that closed shopping mall tempted me to do sort of photo shoot, since no one's around and the mall has cool decoration! But i search for the bus terminal 1st before anything. I wander around, saw 1 ticket counter still open (around 1am?). I read the noticed board 1st to check the timing for 1st bus to Yeosu, then try to buy the ticket. Successfully bought the ticket (my 1st korean words used for this trip. And such a fast korean from the woman). 

I put down my bag near a few people (all men though) who are sleeping, go to toilet and put warmer clothes, also do ablution (wuduk. Burrrr so cold). I perform my isya and maghrib prayer between the chairs (alhamdulillah for such a convenient qiblat direction) without much difficulties. 

1 ahjussi walked to me and asked me "์–ด๋”” ๊ฐˆ๊นŒ์š”? ์ „์ฃผ? ๊ด‘์ฃผ? where are you going? Jeonju? Gwangju?" Me: ์—ฌ์ˆ˜ Yeosu. Ahjussi:์˜ˆ์„ฑ Yeseong? Me: No, Yeosu, Yeosu. Ahjussui:ah Yeosu~ That's random. I thought i should sleep since it's gonna be long day & i'm tired but my eyes still very awake from the cold water after i wash my face and took out contact lens. 

So i wander around and took few photos around the terminal and at shinsage mall, also bought biscuits and banana milk at 24-hours mart at the terminal. I checked my bus platform and find a spot to sleep (it was around 2am i think). 

Around 4.30am i woke up by myself and my stomach growl so many times, might be because of the milk i had before sleep. My bus is at 5.50am, when i feel the highest urge to go to toilet at 5.30am. Went to toilet and immediately go to bus platform after that. I watched few ahjussi loading the bus with boxes and packaging, feeling so cold but not sure if i should board the bus yet. 

Then an ahjussi hop in the bus, so i followed him after awhile. I saw the ahjussi scanned the ticket but i'm not sure what should i do. So the ahjussi stand up and i showed him the tickets. He demonstrates to me how i should do it,talking to me in English. I thanked him, scan the ticket and sit at my assigned seat. 

Turn out the bus has shown the occupied and non-occupied seats on tv screen infront, even the total of people who should be in bus. I wowed at that since Malaysia doesn't have that system. 4 people came after me and the screen show all the people have boarded the bus. The bus driver still do head count, while talking to passengers about the Olympics, passing me with quite a shock face -maybe he didn't expect a foreigner inside that bus- and off to Yeosu. 

I was so excited because that's my 1st time in express bus in Korea. It was still so dark so i didn't mind to take much video or photo, and i thought i should sleep more (it's still 6am). Around 7.30am i was woken up when the bus stop at rest area, which i can't register where was it since i was groggy from sleepiness. It was a bit bright and i start connecting to internet and again crying because of work stress. I thought it's better to cry then, than crying when i meet HoneyG. 

I keep my eyes open, enjoying the hazy morning and mountains on left and right, also going through lots of tunnel (i did some of holding-breath-and-make-wish just for fun. Prison Playbook's effect) I slept again after that and woke up when it's almost near the destination. Bus stopped at Yeocheon 1st and 15minutes after that, at Yeosu. 

After arriving around 9.30am, i decided that i should go to guesthouse 1st. I was confused at bus route from the goggle maps, and the bus driver was driving so fast that my map didn't moved like it supposed to and i was anxious. I realized the beautiful scenery, saw the Big O, general SooShin's statue, passed the busy daily market, and even passed the bridge (which later i recognized as Dolsan Bridge). 

I supposed to realized i shouldn't crossed the bridge, since if i were, it means that i already passed the bus stop to guesthouse. The bus took me around the island, i could see beautiful beach, cliffs, and the peaceful village. As my sense came around and i could locate where was i, i was actually 1 hour away from the guesthouse ํ—. I was at the far-end of Dolsan Island. I just pressed the button in bus, jump down at a stop with 1 halmoni, and curse myself for realizing i was far lost after 1 hour.

So i took the bus at opposite side. This time it's the red bus, and ahjussi drive calmly, compare to the last one, so i can catch up with the stations more accurately. I reached the guesthouse around 11.30am, Yeosu INN. This is where i started to use alot of korean. 

Sajangnim greeted me a bit later because when i arrived, she was on phone. An ahjussi(or haraboji?) greeted me 1st with "Malaysia?" Me:๋„ค. He smiled so warmly to me. Sajangnim told me to sit 1st since she has things to settle and i sit at the lobby. I pay for the room and let her know that i know the check in time is at 3pm. She offered me coffee or tea and i pick tea. Then she started to ask me a lot of questions. She noted that my korean is good, and i said i can understand but can't reply well. More questions then of course. 

She asked why i come to Yeosu, i said i have event to attend. She asked where, so i showed her the address. She was amused because the cafe for HoneyG's event is at her neighborhood but she doesn't know the cafe exist. We agree that it's a new cafe. At that time sajangnim asked her worker who's working at the back, separating trash, about the cafe. She asked me to take photo of cafe so she can come to the cafe next time. I didn't asked her name so i'll write her as unnie. 

Sajangnim continue to search about the cafe, asking about how did i know HoneyG having event there(i told her i'm HoneyG's friend haha!). Sajangnim told me that few artists do stay at her neighborhood, near her house? Sajangnim told unnie that i come just for HoneyG and unnie think that's impressive. Sajangnim asked me what time will i go for event i said 7pm. 

So she showed me the map of neighborhoods on the wall,asked me where i want to go (i told her Manseongni Beach) and suggested i go to Odongdo and Dolsan Island. She also wrote down the address for cafe later, even call her mum about the bus that passed through the neighborhood. 

I finished my cup of tea, leave 1 of my phone to charge at the lobby, keep my bag and excuse myself to the beach. The location of the guesthouse is very good since bus stop is very near, Odongdo only take 10 minutes and Yeosu Expo Station (the ktx station) also take about 10minutes. About 15minutes after that, i arrived at Manseongni Beach. 

I almost jumped in joy because it was so beautiful! The wind was so strong i couldn't walk properly but all is good. I was in dilemma to choose walking towards the beach 1st or do the railway bike 1st. I decided to take stroll near the beach 1st since i might be tired to walk around after railway bike (and that was quite true). I walked gleefully towards the beach and took few photos there. 

There was no one when i was taking photos, so i had to put timer on my camera (i left the phone with shutter in guesthouse) and put my camera on rock barricade. I only took few since the wind was so strong i was worried that my camera would fly away (seriously!). After that i climb back up (it's quite a hill) towards the railway bike station. 

I bought ticket at booth (got it for 10,000won after i showed coupon i found in 1 korean website, Yeosu Tour i think) and started walking to the station. Ahjussi asked us to sit 1st while he let go a family on the bike. Then ahjussi do a short brief of what we should do and expect (he said if wind is too strong you have to be careful). His eyes saw me and i just nodded a bit to show i understand him. ahjussi asked me how many person and it's obvious only one since there's no one behind me. 

I said 1 person and ahjussi doing a bit of thinking there. he said hmm that's not good, I asked back '์™œ์š”? ์•ˆ๋ผ์š”? why? is it not possible?" ahjussi said "well, you can..." ahjussi said I should come with friends, I said " ์นœ๊ตฌ๋Š” ์—†์–ด์š” I have no friends here.." ahjussi asked me to sit in front (it's a 4-seat bike) and asked me to put my stuff on my left, wear the seatbelt. he back away a bit and back to explaining to groups about the hand-break. during my turn, I demonstrate to him if it's the right way and ahjussi remind me again to hold and release the break often.

Off I go. the ride was easy at the beginning. I don't even have to paddle, the bike move on it's own, I only have to mind the break. the scenery was spectacular!! I was smiling because it was too beautiful! and some time later I enter the tunnel, which they decorate with lights. not that beautiful but I think it's fun. after sometime in tunnel, I saw the end of tunnel, where another ahjussi was controlling a manual roundabout to change the direction of bike back to the beginning. 

I waited for the bike in front of me to circle. while I was waiting, another 2 bikes approaching behind me. they are full of laughter and seems to have fun. the bike behind me consist of a woman and 2 guys, the other one having 3 men in it. I found out later that they're in 1 group. the bike with all men started giggling and when I was at the opposite side after the ahjussi turned my bike, one of the guys asked me (in heavy satoori, detected because he used Korean 1st) "where you from?" I answered Malaysia and he giggled back to his friends. 

and this is where my misery started. I suddenly feel the bike was so heavy and realized I have to paddle for REAL starting that point. Oh my it was deadly heavy!! especially when I was alone in where there should be 4 person. the 2 bikes behind approaching me fast and I had to give all I got to paddle. I didn't stop eventhough it was so hard, but it's not enough because the bikes behind got more manpower. 

they ended up crashing to me few times (which I hope they do it more since when they crash to me, my bike gain more momentum haha!) I keep shouting because it was hard (and to give myself encouragement) and those guys also shouting encouragement to me "Go Go Go" they shouted. I even shouted sorry to them since I slowed them down and can't do anything about it. still, I never stop paddling no matter how slow I am. from far I saw ahjussi who did the briefing. 

I cried to him " ์•„์ €์”จ ๋„ˆ๋ฌด ํ”ผ๊ตฐํ•ด์š”ใ… ใ…  ahjussi I'm so tiredddd T.T" ahjussi said to me "well you're the one who insist.." ahjussi quickly hop in my bike and sit at the back "you just stay there, don't do anything" and doing the paddle for me until the end. I thanked ahjussi and walk down from bike. I seriously can't feel my legs and had to hold to bar besides me so I can still stand. I stay there to gain my wits back, and to apologise again to the group behind me. they reached the end, I said sorry to them, they still giggling so much. 

one of the guy (tallest among them) just stared at me, and did peek at my face when I look down, to see if I'm ok. of course I'm not okay. the satoori guy said "๊ดœ์ฐฎ์•„์š” ํ—ฌ์Šค ํ—ฌ์Šค it's ok, health, health" and I rolled my eyes, yeah right, for health. I let them walk in front of me since I still can't feel my leg and we walked away from the bike station. the staff showed me pictures of me taken during on bike, I shake my head no and those guys giggled again. maybe they found me and the situation funny. well, it was funny actually but I was half-dead to laugh at it. 

after that I almost followed them to beach but I decided I'm too tired and make a uturn to bus stop. Unfortunately I didn't find my t-money. I searched for it hard but still couldn't find it. I tried to find any store that might sell it but after walking almost to the end of rows of restaurants, I decided that I should just go back with taxi. it's hard to get one since the road is more one-way and whenever a taxi passed, it already has passenger in it. 

after 1/2 an hour maybe, a ahjussi spotted me from opposite road and asked if I want to ride and I said yes. I told my address but he couldn't get it so I show the address I wrote. he 1st stop to read the address and continue his way. after a traffic light, he opened his GPS and follow it. ahjussi go between the building and stopped because there's trash-lorry blocking the way. he said my destination is on the other side of lorry. my journey cost 4200won, I gave 5000won, ahjussi smile and give back 1000won. he cut 200won for me. not much but I feel so warm inside. 

I walked a bit and enter guesthouse. that time unnie was in charge at front table. she gave me the key and explain about rules (door locked at 12am) etc. she spoke in full Korean and quite fast. after done explaining, unnie said "you understand all I said right?" I said yes haha! unnie asked where did I go and I said beach. she asked what time I'll go to Ungnam(neighborhood for event) and I said in English "I will go early" unnie said "English, no!" and asked me to type it so she can translate haha! 

she asked about my hijab and we had Q and A about hijab there. she asked why I wear it when I'm in different country, doesn't I feel hot when she knows Malaysia has no 4 seasons etc. I answered where I can and hopefully she understands. she smiled to me, said my name is pretty and urged me to rest upstairs. 

I went into my room, there's 2 bed looks like it were occupied, I took a lower bunk on the opposite side. I charged all my devices and realized it's already 3pm at that time. I doubted that I have enough time for another tourist site, so I settled with not going anywhere and just eat. I changed my clothes, took out my instant noodles and go down to lobby. unnie is there and I waved my instant noodle to show I'll be eating and go downstairs for pantry. 

Again I'm having problem how to operate the machine to get hot water (same thing happened last October too. the pabo me). I push few buttons but it didn't work out, so I go up again to ask unnie. at that time she was busy with a group of people, 2 guys and 2 girls (I suspect them still students) trying to settle in a room. I just waited near the stairs until unnie asked "๋ฆฌ์•ผ๋‚˜ ์™œ์š” Liyana why?" I said I don't know (how to take hot water). 2 guys also passed me before going out so the lobby was quite crowded. 

unnie said to wait, and after she's done, I followed her downstairs and she showed me how to take hot water. she even fill the cup for me and asked what flavor is it. unnie "์ˆ  ์•„๋‹ˆ์•ผ? this is not alcohol?" me "์•„๋‹ˆ์•ผ ใ…‹ใ…‹ no~ haha!" she asked what flavor is it and I said chicken. she just laugh and told me to enjoy my meal. 2 girls from before come and sit at a table far from me. sajangnim suddenly come and I said "์•ˆ๋…•ํ•˜์„ธ์š”~~ hello!!" sajangnim asked if I went to Odongdo but I said not yet. 

sajangnim took something from pantry and said to me to enjoy my food. the 2 girls were joined but the 2 guys later and I heard them discussing of where to go (I had it easy since sajangnim explain it all for me hehe). after I'm done, I went up back and organized my stuff, checking my phone a bit, pray, then getting ready to go out again. 

(rehearsal. He's so cool isn't he?)

at that time I just knew that Giyong and Taehyun even spent their morning at the cafe (I should come earlier!). I went out to 7E first to buy snacks for HoneyG (very near to guesthouse), and go to Mart to buy t-money (end up buying cashbee). went back to guesthouse and really get ready to go to event cafe. unnie asked me what did I buy and look into my plastic. I said I buy snacks and she just laugh since I buy 3 same snacks (I didn't tell it's for HoneyG). 

at that time sajangnim called me to introduce me to my roommates. sajangnim said the 2 girls are worried of how to act with me. I greeted the 2 girls happily and we went up together. the girls look like friends. I didn't talked alot with them since I'm going out, but I do bid them farewell before I go out. they told me to come back safely. 

when I want to go out, unnie noticed me changing my hijab, unnie and sajangnim told me to go out and come back safely. it was already passed 5pm when I went out, I was feeling abit anxious. I google map the bus I should take but it's not the same as what sajangnim told me. 

I followed sajangnim's instructions and took bus 82. after quite a long time, bus driver called for me (I didn't realized I was the only one in bus) and asked where I want to go. I showed him the address sajangnim wrote for me and bus driver explain to me that I took wrong bus. he's going the opposite way. ahjussi said he'll stop at the next bus stop and repeat to me I should take bus at which side (but I couldn't understand him actually). so I get down, crossed the street 3 times and still not sure what bus should I take. I want to take taxi but it was jammed and none of taxi want to stop. 

So I took a bus, carefully aimed where I should go down, change my bus and finally on right track. event start at 7pm and I haven't had much time. I pressed button, went down with another 3 guys and the wind blowing ever so strongly, even the 2 guys walking besides me can't walk straight, just assume I could fly at that time. my mask at that time already wet with my water from my nose. 

3 of us kind of jumping while waiting for the traffic light to go green. after that I kind of running to find the cafe. I found the right route but can't find the cafe, and feel weird because it's rows of houses left and right. I ALMOST message Giyong when I finally saw group of people through the glass, of the cafe. I turned back and search for the door lol. 

finally found the cafe, 5 minutes before 7pm. a woman staff greeted me and asked how she could help. I was speechless since still heavily breathing and couldn't find Korean words. then sajangnim appear with "Liyana right? please have a seat, wherever you can find" which was hard since the cafe is fully occupied. I still linger around the staffs because I thought I can order when suddenly a voice greet me from behind "hi Liyana~" 

so charming

IT WAS GIYONG. I was like "oh my God..Giyong~" because I was shocked and happy to see him. Taehyun also did "Hello Liyana~" and lastly Jaehyun greeted me with his excited face. I put down my winter coat at the back and try to order again. I said to sajangnim in English "hmm can I order please" sajangnim replied with "ya..your Korean is good why are you talking like that.." sajangnim reported to Giyong/HoneyG how I said "order please" when my Korean is good. Giyong just laugh and I smiled shyly. 

I order yuja tea and the female staff delivered it to me. I sat in the middle, behind a couple and had to be satisfied with my seat since I came late. sajangnim starts the event and I found out he's the mc for the event. I recorded most of the event, and I can't really describe my feeling about it. Taehyun did facebook live for the event. (i'll update my video later)

it felt surreal, unbelievable for me to be thousand miles from home, even 300km+ away from Seoul to attend HoneyG's event, but it all pay off when I can listen to HoneyG live singing again. they sang 4 songs I think, then each of them doing solo cover, starting with Jaehyun, then Giyong lastly Taehyun. after Giyong sang his solo cover,sajangnim stopped him from going behind and present Giyong with birthday song and Jaehyun bring out the cake. 

์ง€์šฉ์”จ์˜ ๋Šฆ์€ ์ƒ์ผ ๊นœ์ง ์ด๋ฒคํŠธ ์ค€๋น„ํ–ˆ์—ˆ์–ด์„œ ์‚ฌ์žฅ๋‹˜ ๋งŽ์ด ๋„์™€์ค˜์„œ ์ง„์งœ ๊ฐ์‚ฌํ•˜๊ฐฐ์Šต๋‹ˆ๋‹ค @siesta__biggun ์‚ฌ์žฅ๋‹˜ ๊ณ ๋ง™์Šต๋‹ˆ๋‹ค!!! To be honest i myself forgot about this since I arrived late and had it blank. I didn't even took picture of the cake! *Criesใ… ใ… * Sajang๋‹˜ told about my message to him to ask help for this surprise event, and thank you Yeosu people for clapping and singing along the birthday song. ์—ฌ์ˆ˜ ์‚ฌ๋žŒ ์ง„์งœ ์ข‹์•„์š”! ๋„ˆ๋ฌด ์ฐฉํ•ด ๋„ˆ๋ฌด ๋‹ค๋œปํ•ด์š” ใ… ใ…  @gyongpark wishing you all the best wishes in world. I'm so lucky to meet & know you. ํƒœ์–ด๋‚˜ ์ค˜์„œ ๊ณ ๋งˆ์›Œ์š” ์ง€์šฉ์”จ!!๐Ÿ˜Š *Consider that cake for my thanks, valentine day and New Year ใ…‹ใ…‹ #์ƒ์ผ #๋ฐ•์ง€์šฉ #ํ—ˆ๋‹ˆ์ง€ #honeyG #์—ฌ์ˆ˜ #siestadestreet1984
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I actually planned this with sajangnim but the one actually make it work out is sajangnim since I only pay for the cake and sajangnim arrange the surprise plan. we sang birthday song to Giyong and Giyong said he liked it when sajangnim asked if he's surprised. sajangnim explained about how I texted him to do the surprise event (sajangnim mentioned me quite a lot). 

event continue with Taehyun sang his solo cover. after that they have quiz session, and I answered Malaysia to the 1st question (I think sajangnim asked different question but accept my answer anyway haha sorry). Giyong got up and gave the the goodie bag to me. quiz continue with sajangnim asking people to search for HoneyG's profile and get ready to answer. sajangnim asked Jaehyun's age, Taehyun's height, and also how long did Giyong stayed in US (sajangnim said I also might not know the answer. true, I didn't know. heh even Giyong said he didn't know) but sajangnim calculate it and the answer is 19 years. 

they continue with special guest which is sajangnim to sing and Wow sajangnim really sings so well! my friend watching instalive even asked if he's an artist, but I just said sajangnim is closed friend with HoneyG. HoneyG sang encore song (was it 'breakup' or '1 star'?) and again real encore with them standing up and singing 4men-Confession since they said it's Valentine Day nearing. event ended there and I was a VERY happy fan. 

I let other people took photos 1st and go back to take the snack I brought for HoneyG, also passing the candy I brought from Malaysia to other audiences. they gladly accept my candy and could see warmness in them. one of the audience greeted me and we had a talk. she asked me questions like: when did I arrive(on Friday), did I came just for HoneyG(yes), did I came to Yeosu just for them(yes), how long I've been liking HoneyG(I answered a year but it's actually longer), how I came to Yeosu(by bus), who's my bias (Giyong) etc etc. 

I told her I've met HoneyG this time is 4th time. she told abit about me to the guy besides her (I thought her boyfriend but later found out he's her husband). she said nice to meet me and i said the same to her. after that I give the snack bags to Giyong, Taehyun and Jaehyun. I stand in front of Giyong and personally give him the message book I made for his birthday. 

I took photos of him with the book and told him to wait first since I want to record him reading the messages. you can see his reaction from the video I recorded. after that sajangnim helped me to take pictures with HoneyG and I also asked selca. Giyong helped me since my hand is short haha! 

so after event ended, I thanked sajangnim again for his help and for everything (he's really friendly with me, love to call out my name). after that I went back, bid goodbye to Giyong and Taehyun (Jaehyun was left behind and they had to turn around the car to take him back) and went back in my guesthouse. 

I want to brag about HoneyG to sajangnim but she's not around, the guy staff is on duty. I bowed to him, he gave me my key and I went up. the 2 girls were inside watching TV. I was still in event mood and checking my video. after a while, I took interest on TV since the girl on upper bunk so excitedly cheering for Korea and the Korean athlete did won 1st gold medal for Korea. 

she asked me where I'm from and I said Malaysia. the girl "Malaysia was there few minutes ago" I said "yeah.." girl"ah so you didn't take much interest.." I said to her that Malaysia doesn't have winter. she asked me "oh! then how do you feel about the coldness here?" I said "very very cold". the friend came back from toilet and they decided they should find chicken place to eat and went out. 

I used that time to change my clothes, pray and charge my devices. I also put things I will use the next morning and make it easier to pack so I won't rush. I set my alarm early and went to sleep (around 11pm?) I woke up around 4.30am, took shower, pray, packed my stuff in dark and when I realized, it's only less than an hour before the boarding time for my train. 

I wander around the lobby since it's dark, no people at desk. I find a piece of paper and wrote my farewell to sajangnim. I put the paper and my key at the desk, figure out how to unlock and lock the door back before I went out. I plan to take bus but after realizing I only had an hour, I tried to stop any taxi. 

after few attempt, ah ahjussi from across the street saw me and took me in. we had a silent journey, but when it's time to pay, I passed ahjussi my cashbee which I didn't take out the plastic. ahjussi find it funny, laugh and smile to me. I said thanks to him and walked fast to ticket counter, get my ticket and start walking to find my supposed train couch(and all the way back). 

the weather was so chilly and my mask was wet again. I found my train door, hop in and find my seat. not on window side again, but since no one is at my couch at that time, I sat besides window,plug in usb and charge my phone. few people come to coach after that, and after a station, a guy with army clothes sat near my seat. 3 or 4 stations after that, I realized it was snowing! 

I took out my camera and also noticed people around me also took photos. it was snowing hard especially when the train moved so fast, it looks so harsh. the train stopped at one station where the people need to wait in falling and thick snow for the train (luckily I don't have to experience that coldness). I enjoyed the snow falling and the snow gets harder I thought it's almost like a snow storm. but after that, I feel very sleepy. 

I think I only managed to close my eyes about half and hour before a guy suddenly walked towards me and I quickly pull out my charging phone and sit at my place. that guy indeed sit next to me, with his mcd's set on one hand. I didn't have time to put down the arm rest between us, and it's too awkward to do it suddenly. he enjoyed his meal while I decided I should stay awake and watch drama. 

the guy done his meal when he realized the sun reflection is too strong (more to me actually) so he tried to pull down the screen but it's too far for him. I tried to help him by standing up and go to seat at the back. before that he actually argue with the ahjumma at the back (ahjumma want the sun) but I pretend I didn't understand and just put down the sun screen). just few seconds after that ahjumma pull it up again *sigh*. 

the guy looked at me and we just looked at each other since we can't argue more with ahjumma. I sat back, after gathering some courage, I asked him where he's going. he said Seoul and I said I am too. he mentioned again about his action related to the sun screen, and I said yeah (he spoke too fast once I use Korean with him). he put down the arm rest between us comfortably and later he's sleeping while I watch Hwayugi. 

when we reached yongsan station, I took my bag at upper compartment and put it on next seat. the guy asked me if I'm not getting down, I said no, I will at Seoul station, so he walked passed me and get down at that station. I told June I will meet her at Myeongdong, buy manjoo and feeling the joy of hot food in cold weather. 

Seoul didn't snow that morning, but it was so cold, probably -8°C. I can't feel my nose. I walked around Myeongdong,try to search for the Musang King cafe again, but ended up didn't enter because durian shake during that cold weather is a bad idea. 

so I tried to search for subway exit but got lost, found myself in Dongdaemun market instead(managed to buy 8 stocking, my must-buy Everytime I went to Seoul), and had hard time walking with heavy bag. finally I saw airport limousine bus and I decided to jump in since I'm actually quite late to airport (already 12.30pm I think). 15,000won, expensive, but I took it as good thing since I'll reach airport directly. 

the bus to airport is new experience for me, and the view was awesome, with frozen river and everything, different view from subway. I reach the airport and quickly try to find the check in counter (it has been different from my past trips since Incheon had open terminal 2, so there's been changes for counters). the line took so long, almost an hour, and I only had a bit more than 1 hour. 

Immigration took almost an hour too, has been so strict because of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic, I had to run to my boarding gate because it's only 5 minutes before the closing time. I had the middle seat again, but 2 seats next to me were empty until the end. 

I can't sleep well in flight because turbulence so much, I cried in the plane thinking how I miss Yeosu's people. they are so warm and kind and I'll definitely be back to Yeosu again next time. Giyong said he's worried since people could take advantage of me but I explained Yeosu's people has been very helpful! HoneyG, thank you for this such good experience and see you guys next time!