Thursday, 9 February 2017

Seoul trip part 7: LAST DAY IN SEOUL-The Running Yana


Mum knows best. She didn’t pay attention to my words about disappearing, the night before, because I was still stuck on the bed at 8am the next morning. My legs won’t move (because of all the walking and running the day before) so I bid goodbye to Stream. But I do have something to do before we head off to airport that day. I need to send parcel to somewhere in Seoul because I know I can’t managed to take risk of two-hours train-trip to Seocho since I was still at home at that hour.

So I decided to just send the parcel by post. I told mum I need to go to post office (ate meggi for breakfast 1st) and the latest I’ll be back in 1 hour. 9am I went out (I told mum it won’t be far, but I still took train). I planned to go to post office which Aya pointed at when we went out to buy album, but I took the wrong platform and ended up at Bupyeongsamgeori station.

Luckily this time I already screenshot (or google map and didn't refresh?) the potential post offices nearby. But I still having problem trying to figure out where IS the post office. Since I don’t know which exit I should take, I just randomly go out at exit 3? I was relaxed the 1st moment I came out from exit, since the town was so peaceful (and it’s still early morning of winter).

But after 4 times going back-and-forth at the same street, I grew frustrated when I can’t find the landmark (petrol station) I was looking for *did I wear my glasses instead of lenses that day? I couldn’t read the petrol stations’ sign* I can’t even ask people around since the stores still closed. I did encounter a cart-ahjumma who warmly greeted me with “hmmm 안녕 annyeong~” when I slightly bowed at her -my habit at school-. And few school kids in pajamas who just look at me blankly.

For 5th time, I think I was at the right direction but still couldn’t find the post office, I found an ahjussi (he looks young though) who was breaking the ice in front of the apartment. I apologized for troubling him and asked him about post office (I showed him my phone since I don’t know ‘post office’ in Korean) ahjussi: ah~ go left, Me: 네~감사합니다~ while still thinking hard –I came from the left though-

OHMY I FOUND IT! I actually passed it before! I didn’t realized it because I expected it to be big like the last one I saw with Aya. It was just a small post office like PosLaju at my hometown! I entered it with 안녕하세요 annyeonghaseyo and greeted by 2 shocked faces. –all conversation in post office were in korean- The younger staff greeted me with “where do you want to send your stuff?” I said “Seocho” (but I think she heard Seokcho”. I saw relief face of her (I don’t know why. Maybe because it was local delivery, or maybe because she doesn’t have to speak English? I never know). She saw my bag and went to the back to take a box for me to fit in the stuff into.

It makes it easier when I have the full address written on a paper, complete with postcode that I already search beforehand, and also contact number of the receiver. The staff asked me my name and where do I come from. I answered 말레이시아 and she goes “ahh Malaysia~” and nodded. She asked me for my contact number (like I said I sucks in number in Korean), I asked to write it down on my own. I corrected the way she spelled my name (put the - in the word 아»리야나) and give back the paper to her. She said the other party will receive it tomorrow. I paid 3500won for a parcel weighed about 1.2kg. Quite cheap. Better than me travelling to Seocho by myself.

I went out from post office realizing I almost reached my 1-hour deadline. So I ran whenever possible, back to apartment. I make a quick stop to store near our apartment to check if the strawberry has arrived (ahjumma said yesterday, it was sold out, the new one will arrived today) but it wasn’t there. So I snatch (literally, since I was really in hurry) 1 box of cookies (2000won, but 7E worth it if you buy the 2+1. 7E sell it for 2400won each) and head back home.

Mum still hasn’t wear her tudung, I was out-of-breath so I calmed myself down, helped my mum cleaned the house and put the trash at downstairs. *the night before, I went 7E with mum and tried to ask the cashier 언니 of where should I buy the plastic for garbage. She suggested Daiso, but I didn’t have enough time to find Daiso that morning, even though she already draw the way to Daiso from 7E*

We head out around 11.30am to Incheon Airport. When we transfer at Bupyeong station, the coldness hit us. I guess near the airport it might be snowing the night before. It’s whiter around there. My wandering-around at airport the night before really helped me on this day. Hikmah di sebalik kejadian, and I’m really thankful to Allah. I guess my tak-sedap-hati, my anxiousness last night was due to this. The huge Incheon International Airport where you will easily feel lost. When I already wander around the night before, I could bring mum more confidently today around the airport, without getting lost.

We que for check in, the counter only opened at 1.10pm and the line was long. We’re glad we que early. Settled for check-in, my plan was to just go inside and taking stroll, maybe find things to buy after we passed immigration. But suddenly mum mentioned to me again about strawberry, since she said she already mentioned it to our family, it feels unsettled if we go back without it.

I had to make decision in such short time, to find or not, the strawberry. After few minutes of debating with myself, I said to mum I should find it. I found a place for mum to seat near boarding gate, bought her mineral water and banana 우유 milk for myself (already start running), and give the mission to myself. Mum said I should give myself deadline, so I said 1 hour. My mum said to come back in 1 hour, either I find the strawberry or not.
 The quick buying-water already took 10 minutes from my 1 hour. I ran to subway station, and decided to aim Eunseo station to search for the strawberry (the nearest to Incheon Airport station, after Airport Cargo Terminal station). I had no idea how this Eunseo station would look like or even the layout or town, but I have to be there.

Immediately after I reached Eunseo station, I look around the subway station, but this station isn’t really subway. No store at the station. I head out and has to be careful since there were 3 workers working on breaking the ice on road just outside the station. And it didn’t end there. EUNSEO HAS TO BE THE MOST SLIPPERY PLACE I’VE EVER BEEN IN 5 DAYS. The ice were so much besides and on the walk-path. Everyone here walked like a penguin (cute I must say) because seriously it’s too slippery! I even fall down once, gladly in slow motion and didn’t hurt.

I was in running mode all the time in case you forgot. I ran here and there trying to find fruit stores or something. I know my time running out, so I decided to just enter any store and ask. I asked a cashier in 1 convenience store for ‘딸기 ddalgi’ but I think she heard me say ‘닳기 dakgi’ (chicken meat?) since I was sure she directed me to meat store I saw earlier. 2nd time, I enter 7E, I ask her for 딸기 with failed Korean (more when I’m unable to speak clearly because of running in cold) “ 어디애서..쌀가요..딸기..스트로밸리~ buy it..ddalgi..strawberry~” she had hard face trying to understand my words, and finally suggested me for Lotte Mart. LOTTE MART! HOW CAN I FORGOT ABOUT IT! I saw it, Lotte Department Store, but I was left with 10minutes! To go or not??!!

I took deep breath and run again to the mart. Instantly found it because the fruits section is just in front as I enter the mart. I did some quick thinking and choose to grab a box. I paid for it (the cashier is cute specky girl who seems excited to interact with me, or maybe use English, though as usual I reply in short korean) I subconsciously said I don’t want plastic bag (since I’m used to say no in Malaysia) and there I went from Lotte Mart into train station, to the airport, RUNNING AROUND carrying a box of strawberry WITHOUT plastic bag. I really feel like I was doing some running-Yana mission.

I reached my mum exactly at 3pm. “mak, kita..kena..bergerak..sekarang jugak” we have to move to boarding gate immediately, said me with hardship. Mum offered me drink 1st, and I drink down every water we have (not that we can bring it in anyway) and immediately que for immigration. *oh yeah, I didn’t even have time to cash back my t-money, still got money in it*

After few escalators trips, we reached the train that take us to terminal. My mum suddenly running to catch the train –when I was half-dead with running but- I run with mum, while asking “mum do we have to run?” my mum said Yes. I was kind of surprised because my 58 years-old mum running in Seoul for 2nd time (1st time during traffic light in Dongdaemun) when she has feet-related pain. Mum you’re healed already?

We reached terminal 10 minutes before the flight schedule, mum still didn’t perform prayer. I told mum to take the simplest wudhu, wear the jubah and just perform the solah somewhere at the corner. Mum went to toilet while I checked the qiblat using my phone. Alhamdulillah for long que for the flight. Just as my mum finished her solah, we immediately went into the disappearing line and board the flight.

Our luggage almost fall on me because i was out of strength to put it on the compartment on plane. Told my mum that was 1st time I was sweating, in winter. Yes. Because of all the running. I finally sat down and I can’t feel my legs few times during the flight. I was being emotional when it was the last time I heard the cabin crew spoke in Korean.

Reached KLIA2 and I immediately open Vlive to check on Honey G and I was almost in tear seeing them holding my present.

And also SKP Instagram tags me on our photo during SKP radio visits. Immediately missing Seoul hahaha. That marks the end of my Seoul journey. –THE END-

I might edit any part any time when I remember back things happening there. It’s such precious moments, and I can’t wait to be back. p/s: mum said to travel to other country next, instead of Korea again. How could I, mum, when I love the LANGUAGE the most? -yanaliyana

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Seoul trip part 6: SEOUL –TIGER- BUS TOUR


Monday. It’s the day Aya and her friends going back, since our flight are not on the same day, I was very nervous about being left behind with only my mum. Because before this I depend on Aya to speak hangul whenever we met people. And I didn’t really study enough to put myself to rest. So I woke up early this day, and asking Aya questions like how to navigate the subway stations (Aya used Kakao Metro apps, so I downloaded the same as I already saw her using it) and about the money value (I really sucks in number in Korean)

I sat on the bed studying about the Seoul Bus Tour, where should I take the 1st bus, which subway station is nearest, back up plan if it didn’t work. Writing it down on my book like an old style. While the others packing their bags, I followed Aya out to search for album which Aya’s friend ordered. We went 2 stations apart from our place (is it Incheon city Hall? Or Dongsu station? I can’t remember well when I follow other people. I think less)

The weather was nice but OMO THE WIND! IT WAS CRAZY! I had the snowing hard the day before, but this wind was crazier. Beh tahan! I immediately regretted not wearing mask or shawl to cover my face. Even the wait at traffic light killing me. So cold! I saw Lotte Department Store, thinking I should at least bring mum here (but in the end didn’t). We went to another building, to find Kyobo Bookstore, but apparently they sell the old albums (they had Goblin OST album but WOW so EXPENSIVE)

So we went round again (which we follow according to gps , slippery road alert! Since the ice here stuck on road) and went to Shinsegae Department Store (me to Aya: New World! *since I remember Phantom’s song Shinsegae). We had it few rounds) then Aya asked the information counter for the album store we were searching (across the food court Ya Allah imanku..sedap gile bau). Aya asked the staff for Suzy album (Aya kata warna putih..padahal warna merah. Heh). I didn’t found –at glance- any Vromance album or Jung Jinwoo album, so I didn’t buy anything.

When we went back, it’s almost 12pm, they said they would wait for Zohor prayer 1st before going to airport. Me –continue studying the route to bring mum- so around 12.30pm, we went to subway station again, and separated at Bupyeong station. Aya and others to Incheon Airport, mum and me to Gwanghwamun station. Felt so sad to be apart from Aya. So off I went on my own, bringing mum along.

Around 3.26pm (on my picture’s clock) we reach Gwanghwamun Square, and I greeted King Sejong’s statue again after 6 years. 

The wind was still crazy, I immediately push snap button and hide my hand again after taking mum’s picture. I told mum the palace over there is probably the same palace we went yesterday (it was!) so mum said let’s walk until there 1st (I was sort of lost to find where all the bus heading, to locate the bus station for the tour bus). We took pictures in front of the palace, and enter it again (not until inside where we should pay). The weather was nice we wish we went today instead of the other day, but it’s still ok.

We went out of palace, then mum asked me to ask the girls handing out Seoul map if they know where the Seoul Bus Tour located at. Which results in failure. They can speak English quite well (though actually I can understand your Korean but can’t reply), still, they didn’t know about it and ask me to call the hotline for tourist (which I immediately declined in my mind. Talking on phone is scarier than talking in public for me). So I just head back passed King Sejong’s statue, and also General Sooshin(?)’s statue in hope it’s the right direction (I just followed the flow of all the busses passing by).

Me: mak, sikit lagi. I think we’re on the right track. WE FOUND IT! ALHAMDULILLAH! (because I was a bit stupid for not writing the name of the nearest hotel (Koreana Hotel) to the bus station, nor screenshot info about it. Gwanghwamun station Exit 6 please. Rasanya aku tersalah keluar exit 2 ke 4 haritu. Arah jalan pun terbalik). It’s not actually a station, it’s just a booth with many red-tiger busses gathered around. It’s 4.10pm when we hopped in the bus (it’s actually a waste because the bus starts in the morning and has 11 or 14 stops where you can just hop on and off at whichever stations –around Seoul- you like, until last bus on 5.30pm). But the wind was too cold and we’re too tired to walk, mum and me decided we’ll just waste on it. 15,000won per person for Seoul Panorama Course. There are 3 courses, Downtown Palace Course -10,000won-, the course I took, and Gangnam Tour Course -5,000won-. I think we are allowed to interchange the courses but I’m not sure if there’s additional charge (or more benefit) of it. You can ask the counter. Or check on their website 

It’s nice in the bus. Warm, nice seat, free wifi on the bus. Mum and I took our breath and gulp down on banana milk and our bread. Ready your camera and aim for stops you want to get off (they only allowed mum & me to get off at 1 stations since it’s only the last bus left at that time). And I think if you missed the last bus it’s also ok. You can take subway train back teheee! *you can refer to the picture I posted for the places that the bus stops at.

Along the way, I explained to mum bits about certain places I know like Myeongdong, Itaewon (we’ve been there), Gangnam and Namsan Tower. 

the icy stairs to Namsan Tower

We also passed by Hongik University junction (the bus stops at red light). We, inside the bus, oooh-ed at the huge HUGE crowd outside and they ooh-ed at us too HAHAHAHA! –probably because of the bus unique design outside- 

Mum asked me to ask of why the crowd was so big but I didn’t get chance –there’s one local ahjumma in the bus- and I got to sort of stared and analysed the outfits of the young crowd. Definitely different from my 4-days view inside trains.

I love the bus tour, and gives me a warm feeling of tourist inside (you get to know the city by exploring, REALLY exploring), especially when the bus rode along the Han River or Hangang (proved that I really love Hangang like I told Sam hahaha). The ahjumma told us about one floating restaurant at Hangang when we passed by it. Also remembering about my journey at Seoul 6 years ago. I told mum where did I stayed 6 years ago.

I only remembered about the bus’ free wifi after we passed Gangnam, that, after mum realized she got notification on her phone. So I video called my sister and father again. We talked about the snow rain yesterday and they talked about the heavy rain they were experiencing at that moment. And mum mentioned about the sweet strawberry. *i once tripped in the bus trying to take photo of sunset, in front of some Koreans -i think they're from other province since i heard slight of satoori/slang- clumsy Yana everywhere*

The journey took almost 2 hours (ahjussi driver skipped 3 stations since it’s already dark). Back at Gwanghwamun Square. I was determined to go to Cheonggyecheon Stream but I remembered the subway station wrongly. I reached Dongdaemun Station and couldn’t find it (it’s supposed to be Jonggak station exit 5!) I insisted mum I want to go but mum objected me. We end up buying a 10,000won sweat pant for mum (man won. My short learning program –lol- from Aya about Korean money applied here). Ahjumma totally use Korean with me, explaining about how the pant keep you warm, asked mum to try etc. Yeay for no calculator needed to show the price (sedikit perasaan berjaya sebagai tourist haha). Also we bought green tea face mask (1,000won for 10! Lebih kurang RM3.80. 38sen sekeping. Murah kot!) hand-cream and aloe vera cream. Indeed Dongdaemun is the place for cheap. Wajar borong.

So mum said no for Stream, we went back to our apartment. On the way back, in the train, my mum stucked with korean elders (again) trying to talk to her. Mum s.o.s me, then i asked what happened. A halmoni wants to give mum a plactic of oranges because her backpack was too heavy. Mum repeatedly asked me to thank halmoni so i repeatedly said 감사합니다~~~ I offered one ahjumma to take my seat and she looked 감동 touched as ever, thanking me again when she get off from the train (not much done nowadays yeah?) .At changing station while waiting for lift, an ahjumma suddenly talked to me, how i would be suffering their country's coldness. Since i understand her, i said 네~ i said my mum had it hard, she repeated me, and added they have it hard too.. 답답해 katanya. Become hard to go out, etc. She looked like she wants to talk more but stopped herself as more people gathering behind us.

Stopped by 7 Eleven for instant rice, and we heated it on microwave, with Brahim’s curry pack. Nikmatnya Ya Allah rasa masa tu. Ye la tak makan berat seharian. Really love the 7E instant rice. Sedap!

My day didn’t ended there. I told mum I had to go to airport (it was almost 9pm?) because we can’t do the web check-in (after thousands of time trying, even since I was in Malaysia). “Yana kena pegi jugak mak, sebab Yana rasa tak sedap hati”. Mum said to take care of myself, zipped up high. And I asked for more cash –in case I need to resort to taxi for the journey back-. Off I went to airport alone.

I reached airport around 10pm, and it was already feel like midnight. I wandered around looking for self-check in kiosk for AirAsia but couldn’t find it. I text my sis about it, and sis said there’s nothing to do but to come to airport early the next day. I asked the info counter and it’s true there’s no self-check in kiosk. During that time also, I realized Aya texted me, telling she missed her flight. The text was during evening but I didn’t check that phone all day (I brought 2 phones during this trip). Aya didn’t reply me immediately. I walked around the airport without aim, and finally getting back on train around 10.30pm.

Least I know that I should actually act fast. I passed the train everyone running into because that time I wasn’t sure it’s the right train to take. Wait for another one. Then this train actually didn’t go until Bupyeong. It disembark all the passengers at one station (the clueless face of me AND the others too). So we had to take the train after it. And just as I feel like my legs are dying of tiredness (while I watching Honey G video to keep me awake), the train reached Bupyeong. SUDDENLY a train station worker shouted from below the escalator IT’S THE LAST CHANGING TRAIN! PLEASE GET ON IT FAST OR YOU’LL MISSED IT! Aku pun berlari la tak hingatttt!! Konon macam nak tertidur+kaki nak tercabut dah tadi, suddenly I was on the run again. The worker tried to talk to me in case I didn’t understand but I guess he can’t change to English in urgent situation. But I did understand him. That’s why I was running.

I reached back home around 12am. Mum just smiled and glad I made it safely (she laughed when I told about the chasing train incident haha!). And I received text reply from Aya explaining about her flight. I actually didn’t want to tell mum about Aya’s flight but I feel guilty of.. I don’t know. So mum said we should head out early tomorrow morning. I told mum “mum, if you find me missing early in the morning tomorrow, know that I go somewhere, not actually missing, ok?” hint: the Stream. Mum didn’t give me much attention though lol.

I slept late that night doing something, almost 3am I fell asleep (my original plan was NOT sleeping AT ALL but I guess I was too tired) continue-LAST DAY a.k.a running Yana)

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Seoul trip part 5: Gyeongbukgung Palace and Snow


So the 3rd day trip was another challenging one. We took subway to station near Gyeongbukgung to rent hanbok. We arrived just a bit later at 10.30am and we have to que like other normal people (supposed we already booked the rent in advanced) I guess it was partly my fault, I was idling, BECAUSE I HAD MY 1ST SNOW! 첫 눈! It was a light snow, and Yuri said we’re lucky because it didn’t happened everyday.

We arrived at OneDay Hanbok for the hanbok renting. It took a long time before we finally get to choose any hanbok we want, and put it on. After less thought and trying to find ones fit our height, we went to subway station again wearing our hanbok. As expected we get many eyes. But honestly it’s welcoming for me. I love wearing the hanbok, even in subway station and train.

By the time we reach Gyeongbukgung Palace, the snow had already falling so hard. My mum and Aya bought umbrella, but Aya’s didn’t work very well. I had the 1st real hand-frozen moment I thought I shed some tears. My hand was getting cramped since I gave 1 of my sarung tangan to mum (she wet her’s at subway station), and that same hand to hold umbrella up for my mum.

We entered Gyeongbukgung Palace for free since we were wearing hanbok (though I initially thought it was free for everyone since it’s Seollal). We immediately went to the part of palace with roof since it wasn’t exposed to the snow and we had our photo session there.

But at one time, we (except mum) decided we want to take picture at the middle, on the walkaway, so me, Yuri and Nurin run through the snow without our jacket. I enjoyed it so much, I was spinning and jumping around with my hanbok in the middle of the snow. I love letting the snow hit my face ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Aya followed us soon, as our camerawoman. You can say it’s almost like a suicide mission to take photo like that since it’s really REALLY cold. After few shots, we run back to where the roof is, not feeling our hands hahaha. We managed to reach the part of place where they usually bow to the king, or had ceremony, or the scholar taking their exam (if I referred to dramas). 

But not beyond that. It’s way too freezing and I assumed we couldn’t take it much longer. So Aya said we should go into the museum nearby where it should be hot inside.

Indeed it was hot. Mum and Nurin took seat while Yuri, Aya and me taking stroll inside the museum. We realized wifi was present, Yuri and me did Instagram live but we had no views, only 1 or two hahaha. I only used it to ask Yuri “oii kat mana tu!” when I lost Aya and Yuri lol the uses of Instagram when you can’t call. I did my Instagram live too, but only few joined me and the wifi disappeared. We had to go back since we were already hungry. I suggested to Aya for Itaewon since we’re thinking of where to pray, and eat (reminds my mum).

So we give back our hanbok around 4pm, and took train to Itaewon. It was still very cold and raining of snow. The journey to the mosque wasn’t easy at all (I didn’t expect it to be easy, but I also didn’t expect it to be on top of somewhere that high. Oh the slippery climb!) My mum had it tough, I had to hold her tight. And the place for ablution (wudhu) isn’t same as the praying hall. So for women, take off your shoes (not very fun on winter), take wudhu on 1st floor, and run back into the masjid, take the stairs to the 3rd floor. May Allah granted many pahala for all the cold steps.

I was busy hot-pack-ing my feet because the more I stay without my socks, the more I can’t feel my feet. Aya was busy with contacting her friend, so I let her went disappear. Aya came up once again to say she’ll meet her friend 1st and let Yuri take us to the restaurant since Yuri knows the place. The climb wasn’t easy, and going down was harder, because all of the ice on street. Later we reached the restaurant Aya and her friend were.

And honestly I didn’t expect her friend to be namja. Aya had told about how she met her Korean friend before, and (unexpectedly) another one friend on the train –like some drama encounter- but i just assumed it was a woman. A guy rupanya. So we greet each other and we had our dinner (FINALLY) together. I had the clear noodle, japchae, my mum had the kimchi fried rice I think. Soup for Yuri, and spicy thing for Aya. 

Aya talked a lot with her friend since she can Korean, me and Yuri just laugh when it comes to part we understand (I think Yuri and mine’s level of Korean are the same. We understand but we can’t reply back in Korean) Some things I took note, Moon(Aya’s friend) explained that as korean, they are taught few things like swimming, piano, taekwando, etc since they were kid, to see which area they are good at (fascinating~) Moon and me talked quite a lot on drama topic (I’m a Korean drama devil you see. Goblin 도깨비 and Moon Drawn by Cloud was ones I mentioned. I had hard time recalling Moon Drawn by Cloud’s Korean title. I had to mentioned Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung’s names first haha) though I also mentioned about 2 days 1 night and Gag Concert. Moon: things which are funny to us, do you find it funny too? In your country? Me: yea..h? it’s not exactly the same but yes, we laugh on it. I was trying to tell Moon it’s not all of it but oh Korean not good to tell him that.

My mum said she can't find her t-money and i just said we should just redha of it (though i obviously looked sad since i top-up alot in it). Suddenly Nurin scream "situ!!! situ situ!!!" pointing at below of table. THE T-MONEY WAS THERE!! dropped from mum's jacket i think. The reaction was funny we all laugh loud.

Moon also asked which artist do you take interest in. I can’t answer him, apparently. I guess my kpop addiction has already dies? Aya answered for me though, Mamamoo, and I suddenly turned bright lol YES MAMAMOO. Moon find it amusing that we know Mamamoo too (Moon likes Mamamoo too. Kekeke of course of course). p/s: is jtbc channel aired in our country? –the fighting topic of Aya and me haha

Moon properly tell his name to me after we had done eating. And guess what? I forgot to tell him mine (이 바보야 *yes my trademark song whenever I become stupid). Yuri acted like a chaebol and tried to pay for all using card, but it’s not working ahahaha but Yuri paid for us 1st anyway. Moon: You want me to pay you now? Yuri: I pay for you. Moon: I pay you back now or you have to come next year so I can pay for you next time? Yuri: ok (for coming next year). Kekeke Yuri and her poker face. Moon feel bad for Yuri paying for him. We all: 괜찮아~!

Moon made us promised to come again next year and meet him again (me:I think I won’t be until next year hahaha side-eye Aya). We all wave goodbye to Moon in the train and get back to homestay. I planned to video-call my family when I stand on the post-lamp near our apartment but I didn’t get wifi there. Cont- SEOUL-BUS TOUR 

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Seoul trip Part 4: Nami Island


We went out quite late, we reached Nami Island around noon? The weather was nice! -There's incident in the train where my mum being stuck with korean ahjussi who insist on talking with her. I'm not sure where were Aya during this time so i can't understand the situation. I just said "my mum can't korean" in korean language la. Ahjussi don't care about that haha! Or maybe he's a haraboji. He offered me to sit (which i always feel guilty because it's seats for elders+pregnant women etc. But i sat anyway. So haraboji talked to me of where i'm going, Nami i said. He said "ahh Gapyeong!" He is from Gapyeong. He asked where i'm from, assuming i'm Indonesian. I said i'm from Malaysia. And haraboji keep being nice, updating how many station more until we reach Gapyeong. So before leaving, i greet haraboji with Happy New Year and off we go.

I saw the flying fox 1N2D use to fly across to Nami Island. I said to mum "that would be so exciting!" Mum disagree with me. Hahaha as expected. So we pay 800won for ferry to Nami Island, me and Aya excitedly goes up to 2nd level of ferry, we took pictures and enjoyed the wind.

And we could see beautiful ice sculpture not long after that. My announcement after getting off from the ferry: I lost my mum~ *not my mum lost a kid haha it's the other way around* Nami is so beautiful. And white. And so winter-sonata feeling haha! This part should be explained by pictures.

Things memorable at Nami Island
1. I almost stepped on a performer kids' hat-tail

2. My mum's pose are very good

3. I got excited over eating a whole octopus where i cut it small using scissors, although mum said it feel like plastic (but mum~ it's so fun to eat!!
4. I managed to video call kakcik & ayah & kakngah and showed them snow. I feel like crying of happiness
5. Me and Aya felt so awkward trying to do the love pose of Winter Sonata. We end up doing hate pose

6. Aya played with a korean aegi and the mum is being so nice we end up taking group picture with him

7. We witness embarrassing moment of a guy with his group of namchin, suddenly slipped on the ice and fall down. Sounds quite normal, but he was being loud with his friend before and he fall down with loud thump, infront of lots of people eating and queuing up for hotteok. Me Aya Yuri all were actually looking at him (because he was loud) and we saw him fall. Funny part is, we don't know how to react. I saw Aya with mouth-drop, Yuri with her poker face. I..froze and had to run my eyes elsewhere. More funny because we 3 understand what he said afterward. Chingu: 아뻐? Does it hurt? The guy: 안아뻐 내 가슴 아뻐 너무 붂으러워 didn't hurt but my heart is. So embarrassing. We all had run away because we understand what he said and we have to prevent ourselves from laughing. 너무 웃겨~ the part where we had to restrain from laughing IS the funny part.
8. Hetteok is good! Though i almost burn my tongue because i didn't know it had hot jam at the centre.

Ok the journey back was what makes the Nami trip challenging. It was around 6.30pm when we reach the taxi/bus station to go back to Gapyeong subway station. (We took taxi when we came, and it's quite lucky for us the driver let us all 5 inside the taxi). But the waiting for taxi back isn't as smooth. We thought we want to take bus, so we ran to the other side, but it's wrong side of the bus. So we came back to line up for taxi, and the line already become long. The weather has turned very cold too.

Thing that made us so mad was the tourist from c country keep cutting our line from in front, like they're bunch of them and it never ends. Bawak satu kerabat kot,,tapi tak penuhkan taxi. Ingat bagi la peluang sebab ada budak kecik, last2 mak budak tinggal je anak kat dalam troli, dia masuk taxi dulu. Apa la iniiii. More than half an hour in cold and so many bahasa Melayu came out from us, means we're fed up. "Tumpang lori pakcik ni pun boleh kot" macam2 la keluaq. Utagha ka, selatan ka semua kluaq. I pity my mum especially. So when it's FINALLY our turn we let Yuri Nurin and mum go 1st. Me and Aya even determined to WALK to the subway station. But suddenly taxi doors open again, Yuri said taxi driver can take all 5 of us in. Cepat2 masuk dalam taxi. Korean at the back 뭐야??!! Lol your confused state in understandable.

And comes another waiting period at the cold train station. We become the crazy bunch, especially me and Yuri (capitalized at Me). The Yana square. All the running and dance came out, there were 2 guys near us already laughing at me but i couldn't care less. Then suddenly a train at other side came, it says 'chungchun' and i was reminded of chungchun music. Then i shouted "Aya..chungchun! Chungchun chungchunnnn" while jumping,dancing and pointing at the train.. I FORGOT THERE WERE PEOPLE INSIDE! So i immediately bow "죄성합니다" to the train. Yuri said they were laughing, especially when i was wearing minion hat WHATT??!! I DIDN'T TAKE IT OFF?  oh well I'm good at having fun by myself.

We reached home and automatically searching for the floor heat lol. Continue-Gyeongbukgung Palace Day

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Seoul trip part 3: Arirang Radio- Inside


Well i finally witnessed the bromance of Sam & Paul, thing i only listened every Friday (i watch the video only few times. I often just listen). After the -introduced the food/food recipe- part, pd-nim said it's time for us to go in.

We greet Sam again Me: this feels like a dream «more like talking this to Sam because i was behind him when i speak this. I let Aya sits in front of Paul because i'm a nice friend haha! So i sit in front of Sam.

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WE TALKED ABOUT ON & OFF-AIR so i might jumbled things up, and seriously i don't remember which goes on air, and which discussed off air.

Me: finally meeting Sam again for 2nd time and Paul for 1st time. Paul: you've been in here 2 times? Sam:, i've been to Malaysia with Lunafly. Me: we met him in Malaysia few years ago. Paul: ah~~ you've been to Malaysia..

Sam asked us to introduced ourselves, i let Aya do it 1st, Aya greet and tell listeners her name. I did the same, and Sam was amazed by our korean. Paul has to agree because he had talked to us earlier outside so he knows how good actually Aya in Korean, and me in understanding korean lol. Sam: wow i think i'm the least good out of us 4. I don't agree Sam, that's my place. Of course you're better than me. I just said 아니애요 out-loud.

Sam asked about food we like. I said tteokbokki. Aya what did u answer? I don't remember. But Sam commented how we like spicy food. He asked where we stayed, places we have gone to. We said: Incheon. Sam & Paul: O.O that's far! Aya said about place she went. Me:i just arrived this morning. Sam:Really? You're not tired? Me: no. I'm ok. Sam: Seoul gives you energy right? You don't fell tired being here. Me:-nodded- of course of course.

Off-air, Paul said to Sam how good our korean are. And they continue talking in korean. Aya mentioned: oh you guys talked in korean off-air! Sam: yeah.. hmm actually we mixed. Paul: i talked to him in korean, he talked to me in English. Me: as long as u guys understand each other.

There's the -understand the lyrics segment- where they use the JYP song. Talking about body shape. Sam: lets keep it clean. I know how dirty you can be Sam hahaha.

Paul asked where do you learn korean language? (I think this is off-air since i remember Paul asked it in korean). Aya said she learned by herself. And i said Aya is my teacher. And i told them i am a real teacher. Sam: wow really. So what do you do if..ok i'm the naughty student. What do you do to me? Me: i gives you lots of love Sam. Paul: Love is what he needs (Aya is proud of my answer lol) What subject do you teach (ini 1st time orang tanya dalam english & aku jawab dalam english. Selalu aku jawab 'agama teacher' je) so my answer..religion..teacher? That's awkward.

Sam asked which place in Korea do we like? Me&Aya:-both looking at each other at the same time- Sam:they are looking at each other! (Sam, that's because the question is too general and we both went blank) Aya didn't answer (she still 멍 ) so i answered Hangang. I love han river. Sam: hangang is beautiful. You can do activities there.

Sam:New Year celebration. Sam listed the things they do & eat. Paul mentioned about bowing. Aya mentioned about money-receiving (in korean), Paul: yes!! and suddenly que Paul, Aya and me holding out our hand asking money from Sam (he's the eldest among us? I thought Paul is older? He's born in February. Sam is born later, isn't he? But since earlier of that day broadcast, Sam has been pointed as having older face than Paul so..yeah haha). And i said in Malaysia we called the money packet:angpow. Sam: you celebrate it too? Aya: no, the Chinese in our country. Sam: later we should bow to pd-nim hahahaha. Sam: do you know how to say Happy New Year in korean? Aya & me:-in the same tone and speed and at the same time "새해복 많이 받 으세요~" Sam: they are pro!!! Aya and me are both proud at this part hahaha.

Pd-nim asked us if we want to stay inside me"can we stay? Can we?" (We were supposed to go out) but Sam: Stay. STAY. There are a lots of thing we talked about, i might edit later (i have to mention Aya told she is getting sick and Paul gave her advice to don't drink coffee and drink tea instead, in such a caring manner).

Sam asked about what's our plan (this is off air) so Aya said Namisom. Nami Island for tomorrow. Then i said:yup bring my mum there, give her Winter Sonata feeling. Sam asked me if the korean drama has been popular since then. I said yes~ then Paul brought up the drama part. And that waken up the drama-devil in me. Suddenly I'm discussing about Goblin 도까비 with Paul. He said he has yet to watch it. I said he MUST watch it. I haven't finish but i was already on episode 12/13. Paul had downloaded all episode though ㅋㅋㅋ

Off-air: Paul mentioned about the Malay song he knows. He starts beating on the table to the beat and humming and i can follow his beat, but couldn't remember what song it is. Before i could traced down my memory, Aya already cut it with: actually i don't listen to Malay song. Eventhough my brother is a singer. Sam: is it normally like this (of not listening to own language song)? -Sam pandang aku masa ni- Me: NO~~~ I was not siding with Aya on this haha. Aya: i listen to chinese song though. Paul: really?? Pd-nim HAS to give signal to Sam to shoo us out NOOOOOOooo Sam:we'll talk more later ok. *aku banyak tenung Sam sebab dia depan aku and could see Sam has very pretty eyes*

It's so sad to leave the conti. And after the show ended, writer-nim asked us to take picture with Paul & Sam later, memorable shot. I want to ask Paul for selca but it didn't came out from my mouth. We did took picture, of us 4. Again i gave Aya opportunity to choose where to stand (Sam naturally let us be at the center of course). Then suddenly it ends. We went out feeling the withdrawal of missing Paul & Sam so hard we're about to cry.

We ends our day with going to Myeongdong to eat at Busan-jib. Sedap betul makanan dia! I ate bibimbap, and i love the seaweed banchan so much!!! Ahjumma complaining when 1st we only order 1 when they're two of us (ahjumma ingat kitorang tak faham korean kot) tapi last2 aya order gak untuk dia sendiri. I bought strawberry at 1 stall (i got it for 9000won Mahal!!! but the costumer after me been offered 10000won, heol lagi mahal. Suka2 dia je letak harga.

P/s: one time a salesman offered me a face-mask, i rejected but suddenly tempted because of parkbogum face on the package hahaha but then i didn't go into the store, so i didn't get the mask hahaha. Continue part 3-Nami Island trip